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With the support of our lovely judges Jo Good and Anna Webb, and founder Kayla Forde, we are happy to introduce you to our 2021 Award Winners.

The Barker Book Awards – Celebrating Dogs in Literature

Fiction £2,000
Bethany Clift,
Last One at the Party (Hodder)

In Last One at the Party Bethany Clift has written a thought provoking heroine for our times – the human race has been wiped out but somehow, in London, one woman is still alive. After a lifetime of hiding her feelings and trying to fit in she is totally unprepared to face a future on her own.

With no one else to live for, who will she become. With only an abandoned Golden Retriever for company she sets out to discover if she really is the last survivor.


Non-Fiction £1,000
Kate MacDougall,
London's No.1 Dog-Walking Agency (Bonnier)

In London's No.1 Dog-Walking Agency Kate MacDougall takes us on an hilarious romp of the ups and downs of leaving her job at Sotheby’s to join the ranks of London’s dog walkers, the dogs and their owners. We meet Winston the Labrador, who must always be kept immaculate and his owners who try to enlist Kate in their custody battle. From Wandsworth Park to Wimbledon Common in all weathers we follow Kate as she decides what she wants from life, and when and how to get there


Children's £1,000
Jane Elson,
Moon Dog (Hachette)

 In Moon Dog multi-award-winning children’s author Jane Elson introduces us to Marcus and Delilah who on the surface couldn't be more different, but they share a dream; to own a dog of their own.  


So, when an enormous and mysterious pup turns up in the empty house next door Marcus visits him every night and names him Moon Dog.

But it's soon clear that Moon Dog is in danger, and when Marcus and Delilah discover a dark secret they work together to save their dream dog?


Classic Read £1,000
Luke Adam Hawker

Together by Luke Adam Hawker has won the Classic Read Award; as we foresee it becoming a Modern Classic!

We donated £1,000 to All Dogs Matter. in the name of our Classic Read. [CEO Ira Moss pictured].

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